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She was also a very pious person. Once, while making Tawaaf in the Haram, the Noor of Allah descended on Adi bin Musaafir causing him to fall unconscious. Be careful before meeting death. Encyclopaedia of Islam New Edition.

Dairatul Qadria

His words were kind but firm. All the parts of my body are ailing excepting my heart which has no pain in it and it is sound with God. After listening to his lectures they would find that they could not refute anything he said and they would willingly accept Islam. He saw a Masjid nearby and slowly dragged himself towards it.

Although he had gained many blessings from both these personalities, he had not yet pledged his spiritual allegiance to a spiritual guide Peer-o-Murshid. Due to intense hunger, he was compelled to go out in search of food towards a market in Baghdad known as Sooqur Raihaanain. Notwithstanding his dire need in the circumstances, he remained sensitive to the plight of this stranger. So He is hidden in His invisibility and He is manifest in His wisdom and power. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The notable events that took place during this part of his life are numerous. It has been stated in authentic sources that during his lectures there would be approximately four hundred scribes who recorded his lectures in writing. His voice was very stern and sharp. In this condition, I began to run. His lectures were full of knowledge and wisdom.

Thus, when you arc at the palace gate of the King do not wish for an entrance into the palace unless you are made to enter it by compulsion and not of your own accord. Having seen this, I returned to Baghdad.

When I was leaving Jilan, I met an old woman, who gave me eight Dirhams in trust that I should give them to her son, Abdul Qadir, who is studying in Baghdad. Upon such insistence, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ra joined him in his meal. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ra states that during his life he had encountered various attacks from Shaytaan and his partners. When Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ra was four and a half years old, and according to certain narrations, five years old, his mother enrolled him into a local Madrassa in Jilan. His contribution to Sufism and Sharia was so immense that he became known as the spiritual pole of his time, virtual dj 8 for android al-Ghawth al-A'zam.

After adjourning from classes, he used to wander into the jungles and forests of Baghdad where he used to spend the entire night in the Zikr of Almighty Allah. There came a time in Baghdad when there was abundance of trouble. It is the Sunnah of the Ambiya.

Due to immense poverty, he went towards the Arcade of Chosroes in search of Halaal food. On his return to Baghdad, he prepared meals and fed the poor and then shared this meal with them. He was said to have been a convincing preacher and converted numerous Jews and Christians. Sheikh Musaafir and myself continued our journey till we reached Makkah al-Mukarramah.

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Ghous Pak Hazrat Sheikh Sarkar Syedna Abdul Qadir Jelani (R.A)Ghous e Azam

What did you eat for the three years while sitting in one spot? After some time, even this proved to be too small. He will be the Ghaus of his time. Remain firm on Tauheed belief in One Allah. During this period, I proceeded to the ruins of the palace of Aiwan Kasra in search of fruit or something permitted.

It was here that Shaytaan attempted to fool the Sheikh, but to no avail. If they are recorded, then this alone would fill volumes.

Abdul Qadir Jilani

This water was sweet and delicious and I have never before nor since tasted such water. You seem to be amongst the chosen servants of Allah.

And He has concealed His skill and His workmanship through His wilt. After the demise of his grandfather, the responsibility for his education fell upon his mother. Once, while he was studying, the city of Baghdad experienced a severe drought.

Ghous Pak Hazrat Sheikh Sarkar Syedna Abdul Qadir Jelani (R.A)

It was his grandfather that was responsible for the marriage of the parents of the great Saint. All this never was before He created it.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. When evening came, I saw that a tray descend from the skies. The following year I only drank water and ate nothing and the year after that, I did not eat and drink for the entire year. All I want is to protect my Deen Imaan. Have trust and faith in Almighty Allah.

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a)

The second narration seems to be the one more favoured amongst the scholars. Then know that God is every day in a new state of glory, in chancing and altering and raising and lowering people. On this tray were six rotis, gravy and vegetables.

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a)