Ambuli Movie In Telugu

Parthiban as Sengodan Jagan as Marudhan P. Terrified, he runs for his life and escapes from the caves.

Ambuli movie in telugu

Climax could have been better. Just Before watched the movie in Sathyam Theater Chennai. Conjoined twins Vimalan and Akhilan involve themselves in a series of deaths involving their father's company. Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna, Ponvannan. But the baby, that was born was not exactly a human being.

Songs are very Big minus of this movie. They visit the caves at night, and there comes a tall, fierce-looking ape-like creature, which is finally shown and revealed to be Ambuli. The film starts with a village Poomadanthapuram. Now having started to believe in Ambuli, he enquires about it to Seemati. He goes in the same boat and enters the caves where he encounters Ambuli.

So, he humbly requests them not to go there again. Both the tuition master and the landlord discovered their disappearances that night.

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Ambuli movie in telugu

This starts having an impact on Ambuli. Angered by this, Sengoden kills Sir Wellington, who is the reason for all this.

Two students plan to investigate a strange phenomenon that they came across in a field during their summer holidays. Lot of powerful lights very near to our eye. Vethagiri also revealed that Sengodan killed the founder of the college, Sir Arthur Wellington, who was his first victim and had caused him to be viewed as a murderer in the villagers. Poongavanam somehow got trapped between thorn bushes in the cornfields but is helped by Sengodan, only for Sengodan to capture and gag her at the cabin. Was this review helpful to you?

Ambuli movie in telugu

They panic to move out freely in their streets after sunset. As Ambuli tries to attack the group, Sengodan fights it bravely. Though some people called it a myth, many believed that Ambuli did exist. So it results headache and pain for me.

Amudhan runs for his life and reaches the college, where he meets Vendhan, tells him what happened, and reveals to him that Ambuli is real. What follows is a very terrible truth that entirely shocks Amudhan, Vendhan and Marudhan.

Ajith Kumar, Arjun, Trisha Krishnan. The villagers finally thank Marudhan, Sengodan, Amudhan and Vendhan for their heroics in capturing Ambuli and thus, ending their longtime fear.

Ambuli movie in telugu

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Amudhan and Vendhan arrived to find Sengodan, only to find Poongavanam there, tied up and gagged. Amudhan and Vendhan then revealed to Poongavanam that of Ambuli's location, only for Sengodan to overhear their conversation and offering to go along with them. The movie is fairly under-rated. Venkat Prabhu Shankar Sam C.

With this painting as a proof, they try to make a complaint in the police station, where the head police officer demand they need at least a photograph as a proof and not a painting. While setting out to meet Ambuli, Valarmalai attempted to attacked Sengodan, thinking he got Amudhan, Vendhan, and Poongavanam captives, only to stopped by them and ended joining along with them. One night, despite warnings from Vendhan, Amudhan decides to go through the cornfield to reach Poomanandhipuram to meet Poongavanam. After an intense battle in the field between the army, the police, and Ambuli, Ambuli is tranquilized with the help of Sengodan. At the same time, Amudhan and Vendhan check for some details in the college library about Ambuli.

Ambuli movie in telugu

Ponni, who was given a choice of either to destroy Ambuli, decides to let Ambuli go, while committing suicide, unable to face the humiliation. Poongavanam and Valarmalai decided to check on Amudhan and Vendhan that night, quran for ipod having been well aware of their investigation on Ambuli. It is to be understood that Ambuli escapes from the box and sets on his next hunt.

Ambuli movie in telugu

So, they visit many people in the village and enquire about Ambuli. Two students Amudhan and Vendhan who studies in a nearby village plans to investigate a strange phenomenon, that they came across in a field during their summer holidays. Marudhan watches the boat float away and the goat is now gone.

Too much of fast moving objects very near to our eye. That day turns out to be the Solar eclipse, and unfortunately, she is affected by the radiation form of the eclipse. Sengodan does not harm them, and Amudhan and Vendhan escape the cabin.

It was half human and half beast like a neanderthal. So the landlord accepts Marudhan's plan and the villagers gather as a strong mass and set out to hunt and destroy Ambuli for good, headed by Marudhan.

Learn more More Like This. The soundtrack features eight tracks composed by four music directors, K. Suriya, Kajal Aggarwal, Sachin Khedekar.

Watched Tamil Movies - Kollywood. This is a very different attempt in Tamil movies. Then only more standard movies will come after this. So the next day, he decides to see what lies ahead of the lake.

Vethagiri remarks and points out that Amudhan and Vendhan are lucky not to be harmed by Sengoden. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Two college friends, Amudhan and Vendhan, who is the son of the alcoholic college watchman Vethagiri, have decided to stay back in the college hostel and spend the vacation there. Kamal Haasan, Sukanya, Poornam Vishwanathan.

Sam, Sathish and Mervin Solomon. Santhanam, Shritha Sivadas, Rajendran. Marudhan tried to a strong mass of villagers to hunt down and destroy Ambuli for good, but failed because of the refusal of the village landlord. He explains that Vendhan is the only person he has got and if something happens to him, he can't live. Filmography of Hari-Hareesh.

Ambuli - Telugu Movie