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But some caution with respect to such conclusion seems advisable for several reasons. The Gospel of Thomas is either dependent upon Q's earlier version or upon clusters of sayings employed in its composition. Such a common order demands a theory that Q at some stage existed in written form. And the same saying threatens that Capernaum will be condemned to Hades.

The Lost Sayings Gospel Q

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It is evident now that this was not an isolated phenomenon. Although the temptation story and the healing of the centurion's son are usually ascribed to Q, the majority of the material consists of sayings. Udo Schnelle summarises the stratification proposed by Kloppenborg op. The common material in Q and Mark cf.

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In these instances the measure of verbal agreement seems to demand a common Greek source. At first sight such work may appear to be extremely hypothetical, being based on what some would argue is a very questionable presupposition the very existence of Q as a single document.

For the followers of Jesus whose tradition is represented in the original composition of Q, the turning point of the ages is the proclamation of Jesus. Thus the conditions in which the Sayings Source originated included both continuity with the beginnings and with the developing congregational structures across the region. Elsewhere, too, Q sayings seem to presuppose an extremely radical break with past personal ties.

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The document itself, in its final redacted form, was used for the composition of two gospel writings, Matthew and Luke, which both originated in the Greek-speaking church outside of Palestine. It is, therefore, tempting to assume that the redaction of Q took place somewhere in Galilee and that the document as a whole reflects the experience of a Galilean community of followers of Jesus.

These sayings have led to the plausible theory that behind Q lies a group of Christians who obeyed these instructions to the letter. The proclamations of judgment at the beginning and end of the document are directed against Israel cf.

The figure of the holy spirit was ready-made to connect the Q material on John and Jesus with the miracle stories Mark would use. It is doubtful if more than a very few cases of variation between Matthew and Luke can be explained in this way. Helmut Koester observes op. Kloppenborg proposes to explain the origins of Q in terms of a three-stratum model.

The execution of James the son of Zebedee by Agrippa I cf. The John-Jesus material was a great opener. This suggests that much of the Q material was available to Matthew and Luke in Greek form. One single saying provides a very narrow base. In the sayings of Jesus, his followers find the continuation of this announcement.

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Udo Schnelle writes about the dating of Q op. The apocalyptic predictions at the end of Q could then become instructions to the disciples at that point in the story where Jesus turns to go to Jerusalem. Here the Q missionaries are told to take absolutely nothing for their journey, not even the basic necessities of life such as food or clothing. The third and final stratum was provided by the temptation story, dhruv and thapki dating service which presents Jesus as a model for one's relationship to God. Jesus may indeed have been viewed as the heavenly Wisdom.