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The page is translated is several languages. See sharp aerial pictures. See also Abhangas of Haripath and aaratiis composed by Santa Tukavipra and a picture of ekamukhii dattaatreya from Pandharpur.

Growing up with Marathi by Satee Bhave. This dance is called the Thousand-Hand Kuan Yin. Cities of the world, Mumbai by Helmut Stach. Why dont you start a club fans of your father where we can share ideas, songs and thoughts of Talat Sahab? This way we will come to appreciate those really old and forgotten gems.

Moreover, her infant daughter becomes sick due to lack of food and shelter. Sincere study and devoted time is the price.

His velvety voice makes me cry at times but I am happy with it. Westernisation of hindi songs is nothing but a disaster.

It is my greatest regret that I never met him in person. It has been very informative for a person like me who is from the present generation and never had the oppurtunity of listening to Talat live. He had a replica of Talat saab's voice. His voice has life like music.

Otherwise, I still visit this site daily and get the same refreshing feeling as the first time. Khalid Saheb, I want to meet you and hold you in my arms.

The videos are unedited and untampered except the frame that is a necessary limitation of the format itself. Music flows in only Talat's voice. What do you intend doing by creating a web site like this?

But I did not find these in listen to audio page. The song moved me so intensely that I had tears in my eyes. The textbooks are given below, used as a guidance, and commit yourself for the important and memorable life-time event.

Allah give soul rest in peace. Because, Talat also held you in his arms as a baby! If you ever visit Edmonton Canada, Please visit my home it would be an honour. It is now our responsibility to preserve this heritage and introduce it to the new generation. His voice has something unique in it.


Let me know How i can download free Special guzals of Talad Mahmoodji. Can you kindly put all three of them some time on your web. Talat sahab was a great person, great singer. Is it possible to meet you and if so, where can I meet you.

The songs are grouped by titles, musician, movies, play, Raga, and types. Instead he asked for - bhakti, gyan, vivek, and vairagya, from a Bengali movie. As I was watching the movie Dilip Kumar came on the screen and the voice of Talat Mahmood, veho player the song was koi nahin mera is duniya men. Your site helped me to get such rare songs which I did not hve. Here a visitor is looking for real old music - full of songs - you being his son must look into this - the site should have almost all songs!


He was an inspiration, he was our path to enlightenment, he was our dream of all possibilities. They admired the selection and dedication with which he went beyond the stipulated time for his fans.

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Let me know where I can get some of his old hits filmy or other. After few days, Manorama comes again as a nanny and settles with them. Deshpande samashloki Pasayadana is also translated by Shriniwas Hirlekar shloka format.

Chhaya O Chhobi - 2017

If you want to have a copy, I will send one to you. But i found no bangla songs there. Jagatnarayan, having no other way, agrees to marry Sarita to Arun.

This site only falls short of celebrating the more obscure part of the hero's life, his lucknow days. Because I think that most of the fans already heard the newer version. Even today when I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes.

English translation audio ma. Shridhar Vyankatesh Ketkar's Dnyanakosh. You can't find this kind of people these day's. To those who claim there is no Castism in India!

The pictures, the descriptions, made me miss my family. Pass it on when you're done with it. An English translation by V. It has been seven years since Talat Sahib left us. For example, Marathi Kathakathan.

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He is untouchable, I have almost all his songs, gazals and they are my greatest treasure. He had his God-gifted vibrant voice. They grow close and Arun's family wants them to get married. Please continue the great work. His voice touches the not only the heart but the very soul.

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That velvet feel in his voice and emotions straight from the heart is a combination few can beat or touch. Can you tell me where I can get an audio of this song? Mayamalavagowda, various compositions Art work by Baladev Maharatha.

See the promotional videos and event photo gallery. The site is a great creation. Please give them in next upload. That is why you will find less, rather no, Talat clones. Thank you for fans like us.