Crackdown 2

Complete every Road Race in Pacific City. Survive Agent Diagnostics and earn deployment into Pacific City. Upon hearing of these generators and Project Sunburst, the Cell took over and stole the generators. Win a Vehicle Tag Quick Match without ever destroying your vehicle. Complete every Rooftop Race in Pacific City.

Players can use a variety of weapons to achieve this end, from guns to grenades to rocket launchers, as well as their own physical power. Co-Op Achievement Hunting. Find and collect an Agility Orb.

This alternate story matches the twist at the end of the first Crackdown game. If you're in the mood for some destruction, you can now play through the entire Crackdown trilogy on Xbox One. In a way, the game feels more like a slightly more evolved version of the original Crackdown than a true sequel. Most Recent Forum Activity. She then went on to destroy the research labs, android software .apk sending the project back to square one and single-handedly destroying the Agent program.

Soar to over meters in a single flight using your thrusters and Wingsuit. From the top of full-height Agency Tower, leap into the chimney stack and live to tell the tale. The Agency is thrust back into action after the attack is traced to the city of New Providence, controlled by the mysterious organization Terra Nova, led by Elizbeth Niemand. Develop each of your skills to their maximum levels.

Crackdown 2

Then, according to the Agency, a new medical student named Catalina Thorne was accepted into the Agency as a scientist. The Deluge Trial includes the single-player version of Deluge, a new arcade mode where you defend against growing waves of Pacific City bad guys, and the new sixteen-player Capture the Orb mode.

Clear out and close down a Freak Breach, alone or with another Agent. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic.

Players can also drive any vehicle found in-game. Afterwards, her life was ruined, with her blaming the Agency. His hand lands in the helicopter as Thorne spins out of control away from the tower. Newcomers to the series and die-hard fans alike will find plenty to obsess over.

Collect every Online Orb in Pacific City. The plot, as given above, is not necessarily the true story in the game. Interested in creating one?

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 2 Achievements

The Agent must reactivate all of the absorption units, three per beacon for a total of twenty-seven. You can help by adding to it. Vehicle must not hit the ground. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.

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Collect and listen to an Audio Log. Collect and listen to every Audio Log in Pacific City. Audio Log collectibles found in the game give a different story, which paints the Agency as evil and manipulating.

The celebrated seat of power for the Agency is now available in shirt form. Ordered to stop her, the Agent, though damaged and bruised, leaps from the tower, firing at the helicopter as he falls.

With no agents to combat them, the Agency and the city were left helpless as criminals also began to resurface in the absence of the agents and the weakness of the Agency. Alone or with another Agent, kill an enemy with a mounted turret while airborne and upside-down! The light is perfectly harmless to normal people, but the sunlight burns and destroys the Freaks.

Gang members can retaliate for these actions at any time and in any place. The game also features competitive multiplayer modes for up to sixteen players. May shorten life expectancy. Project Sunburst Helper List.

More expansion pack than sequel - and not even a good one. Leap from one fast-moving vehicle to another. Electronic Gaming Monthly. Polygon reported at the same time that several Reagent programmers also left to go to Epic.

However she was found to have been performing her own unauthorized experiments and was kicked out. These bombs are dependent on generators to gather sunlight. You love them, but here's two you wont be able to catch! During the process, ex-agents turned into freaks, which were kept for research, break free and attack the three cores which must be defended by the Agent. Catalina turns the helicopter when it is fired upon, causing the agent to hit the rotor blades rather than the cockpit.

Detonate every Beacon in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent. The player is able to commandeer any number of vehicles in the game, including Agency vehicles, Peacekeeper Cruisers and a large number of civilian vehicles that the Cell have armor plated.

Click here for more details. Impress your friends, wear this head. The official Ruffian Games logo shirt. He is torn apart, sacrificing himself, succeeds in stopping Thorne. Its big brother is very good at driving up the Agency Tower.

Crackdown 2

There are no refunds for this item. Locate and activate an Absorption Unit, alone or with another Agent.

Find and collect every Hidden Orb in Pacific City. Wear this Agency t-shirt with pride. Despite their departures during development, both Cloudgine and Reagent were still credited in the game's packaging and on the end credits. Complete one of every objective type in Pacific City.