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Twitter as tool to empower citizens to counter mis- and disinformation? What were the business outcomes or decisions for the projects you worked on? Credit to her much touted professionalism, dedication, discipline and perseverance that she bounced back. How will you prevent overfitting when creating a statistical model? Businesses are relying on Big Data to gain a competitive advantage and data analysis has become a corporate priority.

When you test the first electronic chip it appears to be good. Thus a piano tuner works for days in a year. Explain the central limit theorem. In medical field, assume you have to give chemo therapy to patients.

Explain the life cycle of a data science project. Driving insights from Big Data in business for success depends on focusing and analysing various sources of business data. Retail industry is harnessing the power of big data to provide personalized shopping experience and for providing customer driven promotions to its customers through customer analytics. What would you do if you find them in your dataset?

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What has been the most useful business insight or development you have found? Considering this rate, a piano tuner can tune pianos a year. She has also supported charitable organisations, and has performed for stage shows. And, False Negatives are the cases where you wrongly classify events as non-events, a.

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What if Jury or judge decide to make a criminal go free? Before we start, let us understand what are false positives and what are false negatives. She comes as a whiff of fresh air! Twitter users immediately appeared sceptical of the authenticity of this image. Will you modify your approach to the test the fairness of the coin or continue with the same?

Visual evidence suggesting that this was a photoshopped image was shared on Twitter within a few minutes. In this case your values will not be fully correct as they are coming from population sets.

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Based on the book Do and Die by Manini Chatterjee, the film is a retelling of the Chittagong armoury raid. Support Vector Machine Learning Algorithm performs better in the reduced space.

Do you think the coin is biased? Another example can be judicial system. So, the conclusion is to answer the original question K-Means in Clementine does not normalize the data. There are multiple methods for missing value treatment.

How often would a Piano require tuning? The above list of data scientist job interview questions is not an exhaustive one. Due to shortage of staff they decided to scan passenger being predicted as risk positives by their predictive model. It could be once a year or twice a year.

How big data helps businesses? Clearly it is difficult to tell how many tweeters may have seen the original tweet, or how they responded to this false information. Despite poor financial returns, Sukanya Verma of Rediff.

Therefore, this study examined how users responded to rumours and disinformation that were circulated on Twitter. Financial companies using big data tend to generate solid business results, in particular in the customer space. You need to approach this question as the interviewer is trying to test your knowledge on whether you take this into consideration or not.

She took on the role of Aarfa Hussain, a wrestler from Haryana who inspires the title character played by Salman Khan to take up the sport. What have you done to upgrade your skills in analytics? She was drawn to the depiction of a realistic father-daughter bond, which she thought was rare in Hindi cinema. What are your favourite imputation techniques to handle missing data? True events here are the events which were true and model also predicted them as true.

Why do you want to pursue a career in data science? So, I asked my father if I could give up the game and he wasn't upset at all. In the banking industry giving loans is the primary source of making money but at the same time if your repayment rate is not good you will not make any profit, rather you will risk huge losses. If a boy is born, who lamar odom dating now they stop.

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Many tweeters accused the loyalist responsible for sharing the photoshopped image of spreading lies about what was happening on the ground at Ardoyne. Elsewhere, there was much speculation about whether the victim had been in or was trapped under the vehicle. When does parallelism helps your algorithms run faster and when does it make them run slower?

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