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This new beginning was just a continuation of a love that was already good. Meanwhile, Husband picked up an extra evening shift at his job, because he heard he should save to buy nice things for Wife. The Bride and Groom were now Wife and Husband, and they tried their best not to mess things up. Even something as wonderful as finding your soul mate can spark a personal breakdown. Now, he was a husband who worked long hours and she was a wife who ate pot roast alone.

Expansion requires letting go of old limits, and this includes unrealistic expectations. But eventually, askmen online dating tips advice our unconscious expectations of what should be threatened our conscious dreams of what could be.

One year later, this perfect pairing was dissatisfied in every way.

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The people you both were when you met will have changed by the time you walk down the aisle. The Bride kept drinking her whiskey and the Groom kept playing the same songs on repeat and they tried to do the same things they did before the ceremony, before the proposal, before moving in.

When an event or person changes your life, your identity must be affected somehow. Change works in your favor, if you let it. Our worst fears were never realized, once we learned to let go of them. It took a great deal of listening on both sides to dissect the reasons why we expected the things that we did. Everyone would envy how non-traditional and happy and open we were.

But the sunset had to end sometime. At first, I thought letting go would mean accepting failure.

Love is not a perpetual ride into the sunset. Her Groom squinted like a sultry James Dean, driving toward the horizon with wind in his hair. The first few years of committed cohabitation are specifically primed for chaos.

We felt like two single people who just happened to be getting married. Clouds moved in to cover the stars. What would they do in the morning?

It takes love, patience and a sense of adventure to navigate what happens next. But the results proved me wrong in the best way.

Neither one knew for sure. But the difference between a breakdown and breakthrough is the way you go about handling it. Have faith in your future beginnings, because there will always be more. All it took was a phone call to disappoint them both. Overcoming this pattern is a challenge that can only make you better, together.

My expectations and his expectations did not match our collaborative goals. You can lower your expectations without compromising your standards. And the higher our expectations, the greater our potential for disappointment.

Sometimes opportunity feels like a crisis. Was marriage itself to blame? Plus, they were trying so hard! Gone were the days of long drives and free flying and throwing bouquets out the window.

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