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Facchina timidating, facchina Construction of Florida - Construction Today

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The company, a division of Washington, D. The parent company has been serving the Washington, D.

Facchina Construction of Florida

This way, the company does not have to wait for a contractor or subcontractor to default before putting in a claim to help it finish the job. Landmark projects in the Washington, D. We are currently in the period of post-closing review. It will also have access to additional surety and financing capabilities.

Mexican Company Buys Facchina Construction of La Plata

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Check out our latest Edition! And, as Vice President of Operations Joseph Graziosi explains, there still are multiple opportunities for the company to gain even more ground on the competition. Because of this, Graziosi adds, the company has had to become creative in how it solves risk management and bonding issues.

Facchina Construction of Florida - Construction Today

Graziosi says this has made it difficult at times for Facchina Construction of Florida to stay on top of all the work it wants to do. The best way to continue to develop the Facchina Group is to join forces with an international construction and infrastructure group. One of the primary strategies Facchina Construction of Florida has adopted to stay ahead of this is the use of subcontractor default insurance. Facchina's management team is strong, lovers dating games and will continue to lead the company.