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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to see a psychiatrist. Here we go, but this is going to be painful and filled with profanities.

It wasn't too bad for me, but people's, I hope you enjoy the next few books. Don't stick around and interact with her and torture yourself by getting close. But alas, the characters in this book are no more dark and twisty than the flame guy from Howl's Moving Castle.

Book 1 of the Fallen Series

Fallen by Lauren Kate (ebook)

There's one more thing which I unfortunately do not have a Doctor Who picture for. Oh that's right, he's not a douche bag who wants to control your life. The fact that he only wants to harm us kind of lies at the basis of Christianity. Unfortunately, Luce is a pretty dumb heroine.

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Can you read that, Lauren Kate? Kate had the perfect opportunity for some beautiful atmosphere-building to match the lovely cover, but ultimately failed to deliver.

Resurrection is found in the Bible, not reincarnation, and to make it the reincarnation of mother Eve somehow makes it worse. That guy is a manipulative, stuck-up, selfish, ungrateful asshole who deserves to be fucking castrated.

They just swan about being so funny, so witty, so mysterious, so hot! It wants to watch me squirm. He has actual fucking contact with the person whom he knows is out to kill Luce, or something, whatever, this book makes no sense.

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They appear to know who the villain is once she reveals herself to Luce, so why didn't they just catch her in the parking lot and stab the shit out of her? This book stands at pages not because there are lots of words, but because the font is so damn big. It's laughable how the security is practically non-existent.

His back was to her and he was standing in a corner picking out a jump rope from a tangled pile. You're just a woman with a small brain. She is already falling for someone else. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Naturally, the pace is undeniably sluggish that you can skip the first half of the book and you'll surely understand the rest of it.

Take everything that sucked about the Twilight series and multiply that by any number except zero. This book knows obsession, hormones and drama. This book is full of fail, end of story.

And yet she does not realize this until the librarian kills her friend and ties Luce to an altar to offer her up as blood sacrifice. His golden skin was almost radiant, and every move he made, whether he was rolling out his long neck in a stretch or bending over to scratch his sculpted knee, had Luce completely rapt.

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He may be the bad guy, but I'd take him over Daniel any day. And when they kicked me out, I had to petition- petition! Characterization is everything. Then once she gets obsessive about Daniel, she and her friend Pen the one whose throat is slit by the evil librarian look at his student file, look for a book supposedly about his ancestors.

She doesn't do anything so much as things happen to her. That you only notice it in a vague sort of way is a good thing, but the prose still isn't strong enough to make this a really great book. The story does take time to get going and is definitely a slow burner, but I think it is well worth the wait, so be patient. Fuck this book, which has more similarities to Hush, hush than it does Twilight, by the way. This review has spoilers, by the way.

She also claims to have seen shadows stalking her, which only adds to the paranoia people presume of her. But what the fuck about Daniel Grigori is even remotely close to sweet? No, it's not as if, as angels, they have anything better to do. This book is just so intellectually challenged. But I think the author was trying to set the scene, give us some really well developed characters and lots of suspense before revealing all.

The sentences were choppy, they flowed poorly and the word choices were sometimes just plain weird. And fuck anyone who thinks he is romantic and that his actions and behaviour are all justifiable. It relies heavily on the formula mentioned above, plus symbolism and mythology, without questioning anything or being at all original. This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. Actually, he's a Dalek with sex drive.

Fallen will appeal to many readers because of its lustrous cover, but ultimately contains average writing and does not satisfy. So welcome to a review in which I use Doctor Who to explain this burgeoning genre in general, and Fallen in particular. There, shadow the hedgehog game she meets some nice friends - but no one compares to the attractive and mysterious Daniel Grigori Fallen is one of those books that should not be judged by its cover.

Immortal, muscular, mysterious, flawless, jackass hero. There's nothing I dislike more than a book that's just downright boring with less than intriguing characters. So that's my spoiler-free review - except that I've left a few hints you can choose to ignore or dissect, as you please.

You guys will hopefully like it. Fuck this book, with writing and plot that is so dry that you literally feel dehydrated reading it. Stupid, irritating, obsessive, outcast heroine. Luce has an epic stroke of genius and begins stalking Daniel.

So when the two characters I did not connect with connected with each other, their relationship seemed forced and awkward. It's not enough to have all the elements there, to follow the formula. Oh but Daniel is so mysterious. Your story needs to have an actual story.

Fallen Angels in the Dark

There was no explanation of why or how they fell in love, and the author did not craft the chemistry well. It is beyond me that anyone truly loves this book. She goes through most of the book complaining about how much she loves Daniel when all he does is treat her like shit. But of course, Lauren Kate decided to make him the bad guy in the end. According to Lauren Kate, that is.