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Phoebe dates a shrink who analyzes the gang. Ross gets upset, and tells her that he at least deserves a goodbye because of their history.

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Frank and the triplets come to visit. Meanwhile, Joey has Monica pose as his girlfriend, and Chandler struggles to break up with his girlfriend. Monica and Chandler are having a lot of trouble figuring out the adoption process so Phoebe sends them to a couple who have adopted. Chandler helps out for the first time by making Cranberry sauce and surprisingly, Monica lets him. Heckles tries to claim the cat, he spooks it.

Guest starring Christina Applegate. Rachel and Joey think Ross might have problems with their new relationship but he assures them he's fine. Meanwhile Phoebe has also asked Joey to give her away, causing him to give Mike more than a few warnings about Phoebe's welfare. Ross doesn't realize he's wearing a woman's sweater and is incredibly comfortable in it, only to go on a date with a woman which comes to a very quick end when she wears the same garment.

Joey struggles to write a letter of recommendation for Monica and Chandler's adoption agency. Chandler starts smoking again and when the group complains, he diverts their attention to their own flaws. In other projects Wikiquote. Ross finds out his ex-wife is pregnant. Ross tries to help Rachel get over her fear of swings while she helps him get over his fear of spiders.

Chandler and Monica visit some friends of Phoebe to get advice on adoption. Joey and Rachel struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. Meanwhile, Joey is set up with one of Phoebe's friends Annie Parisse but has problems on the date when she keeps eating off of his plate. Seasons are new and factory sealed. By the sixth episode of this season, marathi songs videos Ross becomes single again after Charlie decides to get back together with her ex-boyfriend.

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Phoebe constantly and accidentally ruins Mike's proposals. Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Monica battle to see who can leave with Monica and Chandler being left behind. The gang frantically search for Ross's monkey Marcel after Rachel loses him.

And when Phoebe temps as Chandler's secretary, she finds out that no one at work likes him anymore. Monica and Rachel fight over who has to take Phoebe's ugly painting. They have a change of heart and take the money back but then are guilt-ridden.

Ross and Chandler attend their college reunion and remember the girl they made a pact not to date. Rachel reveals she's never done laundry before but Ross helps her stand up to a horrible woman, and Ross gets his first kiss with Rachel. When Monica's credit card is stolen, she, along with Phoebe and Rachel, decide to catch the thief, but Monica begins a friendship with her.

Ross tries to get Rachel her old job back so she won't have to move to Paris. They go along with the lie but Chandler feels guilty. During a New York City-wide power outage, while the gang is hanging at Monica and Rachel's apartment, Ross tries to share his true feelings with Rachel but is attacked by a cat.

Ross falls into an open grave and hurts his back, resulting in him getting a bit loopy on muscle relaxers. He does give Joey his blessing even though it still hurts him because they should see where the relationship is going. Rachel returns her engagement ring to Barry. Monica makes a dozen lasagnas for her aunt, only to discover that her aunt does not eat meat.

Mike proposes to Phoebe and they get married mid-season. Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

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Erica goes into labor, leading Chandler and Monica to rush her to the hospital. The group tries to convince them to stay in the city while reminiscing about the past few years. The gang make and break a pact not to bring dates to their New Years Eve party.

They ask Joey but he tries to write the letter using big words, only for Joey to use a thesaurus to a ridiculous degree to the point that he refers to himself as a baby kangaroo. In the end, everyone ends up without a date and fulfilling the pact anyway. Ross has to go to China for a fossil dig before Rachel's birthday. Rachel and Joey decide to talk to Ross about their relationship, while Ross tries to talk to Joey about his relationship with Charlie.

Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel sleep together one last time before Rachel leaves to start a new life in Paris but Ross realises that he still loves her. Joey nearly redeems himself in the final round but messes up on the final question.

Joey appears on a game show. Ross invites Rachel and Joey on a double-date with him and Charlie.

Rachel has erotic dreams about Joey and Chandler, making Ross both disgusted and envious. After Ross sees Monica's tan, he decides to get a spray-on tan.

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Eventually it gets too much for Phoebe who fires her intending to do the job herself. Chaos ensues as Phoebe and Mike prepare to get married.

They believe he is cheating on Monica and tell Ross and Joey. Chandler finds out his colleagues don't like him when Phoebe temps as his secretary.

When Phoebe goes to get her name changed she realizes she can change it to anything she wants, so she changes it to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. After hearing seemingly straight-forward instructions, he gets confused and accidentally gets a double dose on the front of his body and nothing on his back.

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