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That relationship is short-lived as Tim and Giselle soon discover that they need to focus on themselves as a couple. He shows her that ancient Egyptian tombs were full of sparkle, that perspective which gets Andrea back on track. Sherman eventually does admit Cathy into the trial, which initially does show promising results, but which ultimately does not cure Cathy. This is another reason to stop your choice on us. Somewhat crotchety, Marlene lost her husband to cancer many years earlier.

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Heartbroken, Andrea spends her winter break in Africa and connects with her heritage, after which she renames herself Ababu. Although he reluctantly agrees, she calls it off at the last second because it does not feel right to her. Just a few keystrokes, and you will achieve your target.

With the help of a tutor that Cathy hires, Adam is able to pass his Chemistry exam and class. As she encourages him to fight, he refuses. She is the first person to realize Cathy is having an affair. She gives Marlene's house, which Marlene left to Cathy in her will, to her brother Sean.

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She eventually forgives him leading to them getting back together for a short time. After Cathy reveals her cancer to him, he moves back in and becomes overly attentive and doting. Cathy's reaction to Joy is in large part because she knows that Joy sexually propositioned Paul. Marlene starts to exhibit episodes of memory loss, often suddenly forgetting where she is and who people are.

He starts a relationship with Cathy's college friend Rebecca, which ends badly. He, however, is having troubles and is failing one of his classes, Chemistry.

He then starts a relationship with him and his wife Giselle, but they break it off when Sean's presence begins to negatively affect their marriage. She ends her affair when it is exposed, and allows her husband to move back in after finally revealing to him that she is sick.

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She and Adam break up after she discovers that Adam had sex with someone else. Paul finds out that Mykail is stealing and selling merchandise from the store on the sly, the scheme which Paul enters into briefly with him. She finally admits to Cathy that she has Alzheimer's.

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He is frequently dirty and eats out of garbage cans. She finds out about Adam's indiscretion when Cathy confronts her after he brings pubic lice aka crabs into the house, Cathy believing Adam having gotten them from having sex with Mia.

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Just before their wedding, Andrea learns that Mykail was only marrying her to get his green card. Despite that estrangement, Cathy feels the need to see him before she dies.

Marlene is the first person to know Cathy's secret. Clients can filter the most reviewed advertisers. Mykail enters into a relationship with Andrea, the two who eventually get engaged. Despite Cathy being the one initially to suggest she and Paul go to one of Joy's weekend-long workshops, Cathy ends up believing Joy to be a bitch. She does however believe that the greatest gift he gave her was asking her to be there when he died, and she seeing that he died in peace.

After filling in the questionnaire about your hobbies and interests, you will be able to meet interesting people, who will become your friends or more. He allows her to accompany him while house shopping for him and his girlfriend. She decides not to accept it as she knows that Cathy will die when she will be in New York, but Cathy convinces her to accept it, which she does. He realizes his mother is not going to live very long and finally reacts emotionally.