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But, Casey struggles with her feelings for Cappie, forcing Casey and Cappie to end their friendship. Evan works as a bartender at Gentleman's Choice to earn money back from buying Rebecca a necklace.

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List of Greek episodes

Evan and Frannie spark a relationship and Rusty and Calvin work out their differences. Andy de-pledges, causing a rift between Rusty and Cappie. Rusty breaks up with Dana after they fight about the project. Casey tries to become more serious about her future by seeking Evan for help with pre-law.

Rusty is in the glow of his first sexual relationship, but it's dampened by Dale's jealousy. It's freshman parent's week and Rusty attempts to prevent his parents from seeing Kappa Tau. Calvin is unsure if he should breakup with Michael since cheating on him with Heath Zack Lively.

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Rebecca finds out her dad is involved with a prostitution ring and gets extremely drunk. Meanwhile, tension builds between Dale and Rusty when they compete for an academic grant, which Rusty ultimately wins.

Casey learns that she must forgive and reinstate Frannie before Lizzie will leave. Dale got back together with Laura. Ashleigh overspends on her credit card. Ashleigh and Fisher deal with some problems in their relationship.

Rusty has trouble keeping his new girl interested while Dale wants his new girl to back off. Grant continues to put off coming out to the rest of the house, which upsets Calvin.

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My Greek Table with Diane Kochilas

Casey, now president of the Zetas, must deal with the aftermath of the article as well as the visit from a national representative. Rusty struggles with Cappie not trusting him when he tries out being the pledge educator and Ashleigh tells Casey she and Fisher broke up.

Ashleigh and Evan, as Greek Presidents, both have trouble controlling their houses. The Greek softball tournament is being held. The fallout from spring break is felt during the annual Greek week competition. Lists of American comedy-drama television series episodes Lists of American teen drama television series episodes Lists of American sitcom television series episodes. Nerdy Geek fraternity featured in a few episodes, et ringtone noted for interest in sci-fi.

Evan's jealousy gets in the way of Casey's attempt to meet a new guy. My Greek Table with Diane Kochilas. Rusty must steal a piece of equipment from the university to fix Mount Vesuvius, a homemade volcano, for a traditional Kappa Tau party.

Greek Yogurt for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Rusty begins dating Jordan, but when facing a failing grade in an important class, he decides that his social life is more important to him at the moment. Cappie and Casey, Rusty and Jordan, and Evan and Rebecca all spend the night together studying for their midterms. Rebecca accidentally leaves a candle burning, causing the Gamma Psi house to burn down.

Greek (TV series)

Later in the season, the two get back together. Rebecca has trouble taking care Cappie during his illness like Casey did. When Calvin hints that Evan sees a future for them, Rebecca freaks out and sleeps with Beaver. Later, she becomes his lab assistant. In the final episode of the season, Cappie breaks up with Casey for not having enough faith in their relationship.

Distributed nationally by American Public Television. After it was revealed that Lasker Parkes wanted to destroy Kappa Tau's house to build a sports facility, a protest took place to save the house.

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Casey assumes that a long distance relationship would not work, and that they would have to break up at graduation. The fifth chapter of Greek continues during the fall semester of last season, while the sixth chapter takes place during the winter semester. You've just tried to select this program as one of your favorites. Rusty finds the task of saving the house too much to bear and relinquishes his title. Calvin and Trip are nominated for Omega Chi's president.

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Cappie manages a date with Lana. Meanwhile, Casey wants to find out the real relationship between Cappie and Evan, desiring that they can be like in the freshman year. Evan uses his newly acquired trust fund to bribe Michael, Calvin's boyfriend. Joel then asks her why she was spending time with him when she had a boyfriend.

Casey plans an all Greek carnival for charity to get back on the university's good side. Rusty and Dana plan a murder mystery party to help Dale learn to socialize. Rebecca decides to coach the Kappa Taus, who find her controlling and rude.

When Omega Chi has a party to celebrate Evan's saving them from the new restrictions Cappie decides Kappa Tau must have a competing party but they are broke. Casey questions Evans Loyalty when his father makes him take Rebbecca Logan to a dinner instead of her. Rusty and Ashleigh begin their relationship. Cappie and Rebecca briefly try to be friends with benefits, but she's not entirely over him and he's not entirely over Casey. Rusty also divulges to Casey that Cappie declared a major.

List of Greek episodes

After the exam, Joel meets Casey at the test site with a bottle of scotch. Zeta Beta and Omega Chi have their first mixer since the expose. At the same party, it is revealed that Rebecca's secret kiss was with Fisher. Cappie refuses to tell Rusty of his revenge plan and his decision causes some tension between them. While Jordan and Rusty start upon a relationship, Casey is hesitant to admit to caring for Cappie, and the two decide to go their separate ways.