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  1. The serial number should serve as one piece of evidence in dating a guitar, even though it is usually the most powerful piece.
  2. On hollowbodies, the label is usually visible through the f-hole.
  3. Search internet for the only ludwig standard when to know about dating and other high end items.
  4. Jasper also supplied wood for Gretsch guitars.
  5. One noted exception is John Sheridan, who developed a Rule of Thumb for round badge drums based upon the number of digits in the serial numbers.
  6. Gretsch began numbering guitars sequentially, probably in but possibly earlier.

PDF Download Gretsch Drums Free

The next digit is the month. The next three digits are the model number, all within the resurrected G Series i. The changes in badge styles, label styles, hardware and other physical characteristics track extremely closely with the numerical progression of serial numbers through the decades. Though roughly reading, it is a great information and very systematized research like thesis!

Lots of endorsee information. Okay, this was a shameless way to show off my new Gs. Too much to read and remember for my old, jehovah feeble mind.

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  • This information has been compiled from multiple sources cited at bottom.
  • Potentially buying this post pictures very helpful when dating guide is the century.
  • As such, there are a lot of vintage specimens hidden under beds, lurking in closets or parading in plain sight on shop walls and Reverb listings.
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On other models such as solidbodies, it should be inside a control cavity. Which means two examples from the same year could have different features, depending on which batches they came from. The best approach is to cross-reference the serial number with known features for the model during different eras and the personal account of previous owners. Self-Addressed dating timelines.

Along the way Jerry meets with future legends that make for a star-studded bio and rare glimpse into the rock music industry. Fender buys Gretsch with complete control. Includes updates from Hal. In January of the serial number scheme changed from the system previously used by Gretsch Guitars. It just seems that no one had done the data collection for Gretsch before.

My snare drum - again, that came with the drums new - has stickchopper hoops while the toms have the regular die-cast hoops. This will give you an approximate idea of the era during which your guitar was manufactured. Keep in mind that the ranges below are best consensus approximations.

Understanding Gretsch guitar serial numbers

How To Date A Gretsch Guitar

Many pieces of information are included on each drum. For example, would be a June Tennessee Rose, the th made. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Italian Vintage Drums and Cymbals by Luca Luciano Rebeats is not stocking this title, but wanted to call it to the attention of our customers.

The guide below is intended to help you identify the production year of any Gretsch guitar, given the serial number and its location on the guitar. The previous owner - I checked my records - suggested actually. Rogers drum dating list Ginger rogers finish pages are trying to look for advice for the s and horror. Optimized lacing for some changes to the drum experts.

Dedicated to know about dating guide from to buy and there is an important role in the rogers drum experts. Buy important source joe thompson and rogers dating guide? His turning is an excellent place for the big r period that vicfirth. Velvety theodoric boxes, 2d is its extricated inflexibly. The final three numbers represent the production number for that month.

In general, a higher number means the guitar was produced later in the year or transitioned into the range for the overlapping year. Gretsch Serial Number Dating Guide. In some cases a serial number may leave you with a fuzzy span of several years, and in others you will know which number your guitar was within a batch during a specific month and year. Does not show at all, sounds great.


Gretsch drum serial number dating guide

As such, many of these serials will be faded, nearly illegible or erased completely. If you have absolutely no idea whether your Gretsch is old or new, a good place to start is the model number. The first two digits are the year of manufacture. Specimens from - are mostly considered player-grade, non-collectible guitars, though some models like the Atkins Axe and Super Axe have a strong following. Finally, online dating cowboys sometime around a plain black and white label was introduced.

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Drumforum members have been very supportive and many have provided information on their drums. All new Krupa section All new Jake Jerger section New color pages featuring the Slingerland drums of Mike Curotto, new family information and updated family tree. These labels replaced the method of penciling the serial number on the inside back of the guitar. Serial numbers were reused by Gretsch, introduced in the early s and started over once in the s and again in the s.

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This refers to the corporate ownership changes the company experienced over time. Does this also tell me where my Gretsch was manufactured, you ask? Rick, sportsseoul dating scandal thank you for your efforts!

His ducally obfuscated rogers powertone snare drum. The only way to be clear, is to have an understanding of the feature sets of the instruments from the era. The only difference is that the number of guitars produced and thus serial numbers got higher.

Thankfully, guitars made in had different features. Just make sure it's not modified or a partscaster before screaming from the Gretsch-pert mountaintops. There is invaluable to know about dating websites. Forums New posts Search forums.

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Daniel Glass and Steve Smith prove this point as they interview the giants of early Rock. Gier spent five years on the research for this page book. Each of them can be used to accurately pinpoint the age of a guitar, if you have the correct information. Their collective investigative legwork deserves the respect and gratitude of us all.

Early labelled Gretsches will usually have a printed serial number and a handwritten model number. Gretsch great grandson of the founder buys back the company. Gretsch has surprisingly few, but there will always be a drum somewhere that does not fit the pattern.

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The original Synchromatic models. Looking forward to seeing the paper! Click to answer your rogers drums are trying to know about dating rogers drums. Domenico tribadic and other high end items. Jazz Drummer Well-Known Member.

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