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Jo bo ah and on joo wan dating, feel free to follow me and get to know me more!

Ki Joon speeds in his car, and he ends up at a beach, staring out into the ocean. Jae Bum tells her to be better to her dad.

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Ah Jung walks outside, and then she starts to cry, finally doubling over and sobbing her heart out right there on the empty street. He finally stands up to her beating, telling her that he cheated on her on purpose, and did it in a way that Ah Jung would find out.

Oh sweetie, you are so into him. Ah Jung walks and replays her conversation with So Ran, about trust between spouses.

She sits down on the steps instead and ends up falling asleep. Ah Jung knows how loyal Ki Joon is.

He says this in an alarmed way, so Ah Jung nervously asks him to explain what happened. She grabs his cellphone and sends a text to Park Hoon. Ki Joon clearly wanted to talk to Ah Jung one-on-one, but Yoon Joo turned it into a group discussion. He wants to say something, what might rules about dating include but she cuts him off.

Feel free to follow me and get to know me more!

Ah Jung brings the porridge over to him in bed. He says no, and she declines his offer to wait inside. Ah Jung walks away in a daze, stopping to look back up towards the house. Ah Jung crumbles up the paper and leaves.

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But the drama has given up on that, instead shucking the extraneous plot drivers and focusing on the emotional narrative. She goes off to prepare the contract and send it to Shanghai. They chase each other around, grabbing for the bottle and spraying each other.

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When Ah Jung returns, she opens the bottle and the coke sprays her in face. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. He gets bored playing the game. But he was never given a chance to talk. Ki Joon stands up and screams at his Aunt, telling her to stop it.

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She asks why he sounds so relaxed, like something good happened? Yoon Joo sits on the beach and swallow back her tears and bitter memories.

Ah Jung takes a deep breath, and walks to see So Ran with her head held high. Yoon Joo arrives at home, and Ah Jung tries to force herself not to look at her.

Ah Jung passes out in the taxi. You know what I adore about Ah Jung and Ki Joon and their constant checking of their phone for texts and calls? The taxi driver asks Ah Jung where she wants to go. He checks his phone again. Ki Joon runs out of the house and chases after Ah Jung, telling her to wait a moment.

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