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Once I worked them out the seats folded easily and weren't as heavy as I expected. Body roll in the bends has been reduced, and the new eight-speed transmission shifts seamlessly with both powertrains.

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Aircon vents for all seat rows is a boon, too. Not as much cargo room as our Monstero had. My wife likes the ride, except for the tires not always feeling like they grip on hard turns. The front parking sensors are a godsend by the way. My wife likes the height vantage as well, with it riding higher than a sedan.

Tires routinely slip during turns. It's such a big tailgate that I'd want that hands-free function.

After I test drove the Kia, my wife took it out and really liked it. Its bias is certainly towards sealed-road daily duties, however - how does it rate in our family test?

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The Sorento's well balanced but still a heavy unit. Dynamically the Sorento leaves a lot to be desired Its major dynamic fault, however, is its unsettled nature on the motorway. Safety wise, i kiss dating goodbye summary of the book it needs airbags for the third row.

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They are a big family favourite and if you're a manic breeder you've got to have those seven seats. But yes, they'll take a while to park as they're so huge. You can't get into those back seats elegantly though. The limiting factor for tougher stuff would be its ground clearance and road tyres.

Most will opt for the diesel and it feels burly without being a rocket ship. Not just that average towing weight, but also the tendency for the brakes to smell after a couple of big stops and the clutch to do likewise after a couple of fast starts.

It's a versatile, comfortable and practical thing, and with a seven-year warranty it makes a lot of sense to a big family seeking a safe bet. Stinger sedan has just been launched, our product offering is fantastic, so it's an exciting time. It's a proper, full-fat seven-seater too.

It's a good job those two rear seats fold quickly as there's barely any space for luggage behind them. It's a big thing to negotiate through town and to park but on the road it's quiet and really quite easy to drive. This Kia had better be good to challenge that pair. The engine is thirsty and the seats aren't particularly comfortable. The brakes feel powerful and the pedal action is progressive, which is just as well as the nose pitches when you brake too hard.

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Go on, how much more does it cost? The Chevy was ruled out, only because it was the first year of the new model. Does your average daily drive require their four-wheel-drive capability, build ruggedness and seven-seat capacity? It's a big heavy car but the four-cylinder diesel has bags of torque to haul it along.

Warren Kirby The base model is still called an Si, but the second step is named Sport and gains leather trim and larger inch alloys. We took it home later that day. And in this grade we get leather appointed seats, which are massive and sink-in comfy. Kia's engineers have thought it out nicely, though, with a space in the floor to store the luggage tonneau. Partly as a result, first gear is quite low and you can set off in second if the vehicle is empty.

Under the metal, Kia has gone back to the future. It's just a bit, well, dull. You need to work the lever and in that respect the eight-speed auto might be a better bet. On offer is white, and metallic silver, metal, graphite, black, a new and blue hue, as well as a white pearl. Those two rear seats are full-size and I had excellent head and legroom with the second row of seats slid forward on their runners.

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So which transmission should you chose? The ride is excellent and there are four drive modes - Smart switches between Sport and Comfort depending on your driving style. Our black lab could ride comfortably in the Monstero back-seats, but always looks like he's about ready to slip off the Kia's back-seat.

What else is out there for the same money? Added lifesaving tech includes autonomous emergency braking and radar cruise control. The diesel idles noisily from the outside, but seems well damped in the cabin.

She hopes to continue driving it for several more years. It climbed some good hills, too, without any wheelspin.