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My daughter ain't dating no chocolate labradoodle, go to upcoming litter for available puppy information!

Our canine Dottie has an intensely passionate exuberance. They crave and enjoy interaction with everyone, seeming never to get tired of human companionship. Brie is our very sweet, kind, who is dmx ex-wife dating again affectionate goldendoodle.

In the sunlight you will see her chocolate highlights. We look forward to the chocolate doodles from her. She will be the mom of our multi-gen labradoodles. Anyone who places a high value on canine companionship will be thrilled by a Labradoodle. Labradoodles are like a cheerful toddler that never outgrows that joy and willingness to be with you.

Unlike some of our other doodles, Tink instinctively retrieves and will play ball for hours. It is fairly easy maintenance.

Go to upcoming litter for available puppy information!

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They are unique characters and loyal friends to all. Tallulah lives like a princess in her Seattle area home with her empty nester guardian family. They are convinced everyone loves them.

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The poodle in them is gentle enough to lay with a baby. Her prelim testing was done this summer and she has passed her hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. Like I said, it is magical.

She is a hit visiting campus. Tallulah has her very own language. She stares into my eyes like I made the sun and the moon just for her. She will be the mama for our multi-gen goldendoodles.

The lab in them is energetic enough to keep pace with an adolescent on a bicycle. Bo is charming, loving fella with a fantastic non-shedding coat. The mix is funny to watch, wonderful to know, and brings smiles to the faces of the old and disabled in hospital or nursing homes.

Her snout has magical calming powers, which is interesting because nothing about Dottie shouts calm. They make wonderful companions for people of all ages. Both of these breeds are known for their loving, fun, people pleasing personalities. They celebrate and rejoice each time you walk into the room. She lives with her guardian family out in the country and loves to romp and play.

Current Breeding Sires

While most are too large to sit in your lap comfortably, that would be their favorite place should you let them. She presses her big snout under my neck and holds it there for as long as I will be still. Tallula has a coat that does not mat as much as some Doodles, and is non shedding. She does everything with gusto.

He was super easy to train and has passed his genetic testing required. Her sire is our treasured Charlie Brown so of course she is the most amazing, intelligent doodle anyone will ever meet. What a unique color she is! She is a real cuddle bug and likes to be where the fun is. They are more apt to greet you joyfully than try to keep you out.