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And also some of original writing style. And, we shall win through!

We must keep his memory alive. All burmese people want democracy. Thank you very much for creating this website. But not for the people who dosen't want to see democracy in Burma. He had long term vision and scope for the country so that he even planned for the political system.

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The world has thus been visited upon several times for so much that men and nations have sinned against one another. After his assassination and under dictator Ne Win ruling Burmese people have been struggling for their existance in the world. As you know, Bogyoke was our national freedom leader. He should have be a leader of our country until now. Thank you very much to those who create this web site.

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The hygenic conditions of rural areas are terribly bad. Could you forward me those pictures from your website? He is the symbol of independence and democracy. Thank you so much for this site.

So we must write and say about him and his qualities until we have a chance to breathe. Although we are live anywhere can't forget. We must do that to show our gratitude to Bogyoke and his family, and also to those who had sacrificed their lives for our country and for us. His speeches were right to the target.

Advice that could you need to approached to Bogyoke Aung San's friend, relative, colleague? And now, Aung San Suu Kyi true to her father's spirit, is fighting against the regime which has usurped the country's power. It is the best way to know for foreigner about Bogyoke Aung San who can read in english.

Bogyoke Aung San is one of the heor to Burmese people. This is just to put some related articles to bogyoke. We would be very grateful to you if you forwarded this message to people that might be interested in this opportunity. Anyone who can deny this, I will give you my Head!

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Bogyoke is always in my heart as well in the hearts of Burmese people. In another meaning, Aungsan was not flexible enough to be a country leader, except an enthusistic hero. He deserve to be one of the most admirable national hero through out the history. Japan has cut off aid, and even china seems annoyed.

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No disposable syringe, no gloves and no systematic sterilizations in most hospitals in Myanmar. We are looking for native Burmese or Myanmar translators who would like to occasionally work for us by e-mail from English or other languages. Without Bokyoke, style gunz hack there is no Myanmar.

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Not only we should admire him but we should also work hard to be like him and accomplish his goal. Aung San is always our Leader. So please help our country in fighting the desease more effectively. If we love Bogyoke We all always try the best for Myannmar!

Myanmar MP3 Lyrics

Na Aa Pa destory the history. It is a real need of for our people, our country and our generation. You are always in our heart. Thank you for the informative site.

As your speech, you practise what you preast. He Give our land the spirt of freedom.

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That is just like gangstar of Mafia. Mingalarbar Thank you so much for creating this website.

It is reall need it for our people and our country. We need a lot of people like Bogyoke and his daughter. It is really great to see my leader. Wish this site will remain forever.

Let's get the Democracy for our lovely country. Why he is not doing anything to stop the military generals that are killing their own people. It was not enough chatting at our family meeting if it was not contain about Bogyoke.

Not even, all British politician at that time want him dead. Dear editor, Thank you very much for your website. His apeeches were right to the target. Bogyoke is my loving person in my heart.

Many of them from famous South Asian political dynasties, others not-so-well known names. We are also looking for representatives of other languages spoken in Burma or surrounding countries.