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Setting the delegate queue to nil causes the session to create a serial operation queue to perform all calls to delegate methods and completion handlers. Create a session, specifying a configuration object and, optionally, a delegate. Next, horoscope dating matches add the following method to AppDelegate.

Refer to the documentation for a full list of configuration options. Since the pause and resume functions share the same button, you toggle the button between the two states, as appropriate. Create a session configuration.

The url property of urlComponents might be nil, so you optional-bind it to url. Store that identifier, and use it to reassociate with the session if your app crashes or is terminated or suspended.

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You access this magic by creating a session with the background session configuration. For instance, the resource must not have changed since you first requested it. For a new user query, you cancel the data task if it already exists, because you want to reuse the data task object for this new query.

In this case I'm only using one option, but I have listed a few of the most common ones in case somebody needs them later. The method also provides the total bytes written and the total bytes expected to be written.

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You access this session by calling the shared class method. Build and run your project.

First, the app needs to re-create the appropriate background configuration and session, using the identifier provided by this delegate method. The delegate method will call this helper method to set their values. Setup Configuration, Session and Task Since we're going to get the data and status back from delegate methods, we're going to do just some basic setup of the Session object. The track cell will use this value to update the progress view.

Configuration class for details on creating each type of configuration. To learn more about these features and others! The data task will be re-initialized each time the user enters a new search string. As usual, the source code can be found here. When a task completes, the daemon will relaunch the app in the background.

You can also suspend, resume and cancel tasks. Transfers continue even when the app itself is suspended or terminated by the system. In the event the app terminates during an active transfer, the tasks will continue to run unaffected in the background. First, you want to play some tunes! Feel free to join the discussion below!

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This will be useful for monitoring the progress of the task. Create task objects within a session that each represent a resource request. Your move now, Apple Music!

Creates a default configuration object that uses the disk-persisted global cache, credential and cookie storage objects. For a full list of conditions, check out the documentation here. Type a query in the search bar, and tap Search. So you can focus on implementing the networking aspects of the app.

Similar to the default configuration, except that all session-related data is stored in memory. For background sessions, this configuration must contain a unique identifier. Data tasks are intended for short, often interactive requests to a server. Note that you also set a unique identifier for the session here to allow your app to create a new background session, if needed. You now have a fully functional music streaming app!

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