Introduction to PowerWorld Simulator. The user interface can be set to be either Chinese or English. The downloadable version is now available!

Simulator Our interactive power systems simulation package for high voltage power systems operation on a time frame ranging from several minutes to several days. You can view a solved power flow case graphically using animated one-lines. These power words can trigger that tendency by playing on scarcity and loss aversion, or simply by making something sound more valuable. Stir up those emotions with these power words, and then provide the solution.

PowerWorldThe visual approach to electric power systemsPowerWorld The visual approach to electric power systems

Think about what makes your prospect angry about your industry. The new tab has a suggestive title so it should be easy to identify. Stirring up the emotion of anger in your visitors and customers is a bad idea, when it is targeted at your company. Glad you enjoyed the article, Anand. Power Word was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila.

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It is supplied with several additional dictionaries of technical words in specific fields. Mary Fernandez is a professional blogger.

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Power words are a cinch to implement, and they work like magic. Trainer A new flexible multi-user operations training platform.

Thomas Griffin President of OptinMonster. Tom Overbye has recently published two papers regarding synthetic grids, both available online.

Fear is perhaps the most powerful motivator of all. Clearly, one side has been listening to you. There are natural recordings of some words, while others are synthesized. Great point, power words are extremely valuable in the political world.

Translations in the PowerWord dictionaries are in general very brief, and a word's full connotations are not always explained. Because the translations in PowerWord's dictionaries are brief, the application works best when dealing with well-defined, gotye albums unambiguous technical words rather than normal words. The version of PowerWord contained some obscene English words as default translations of common Chinese terms. Extensive and helpful list for anyone who wants to connect and expand. However the curiosity and some of the vanity and trust words are right up my alley!

In the second popup, he tweaked the headline to include a few power words circled in red below. Text can be copied from a dictionary and pasted elsewhere. The installer seems to use the system default location. Take a look at this example from my thank-you page on MaryFernandez. Thank you for a great job.

Transient Stability Analysis. It offers you an email sharing function, a powerful search feature, translation capabilities and a To-Do list manager. In some newer versions of PowerWord this situation can be improved by selecting better dictionaries from the main program window.

Thank you for sharing this. Power words are words that smart copywriters use to trigger a psychological or emotional response. We are always seeking better ways to drive reactions and actions in our marketing pieces. This problem does not exist when pasting text into the application. These power words will make your blog post headlines, email subject lines and landing page headlines impossible to resist.

Our interactive power systems simulation package for high voltage power systems operation on a time frame ranging from several minutes to several days. Hi Mary, A great comprehensive article with a lot of very useful words. What are your favorite power words? With new Simulator capabilities, doing this detailed modal analysis is now quite easy. The choice of fields is biased toward areas of high commercial profit, as can be seen from the list of dictionaries below.

Power Word enables you to share the document you are working on with a friend or colleague, directly from the application. The Chinese words can also be spoken by using recordings of single syllables which means there is a problem with fluency when reading words of more than one syllable.

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Anger has a huge influence on our perception, reasoning, and decisions. You can search sites like YouTube, WikiPedia and categories such as news, images and articles. You simply write the reminder and save it. The add-in is easy to install and as usual, adds a new tab to the Microsoft Word interface.

Advertisements that use anger have been shown to be highly effective. Are you ready to add some power words to your marketing arsenal? This is a sensational article and resource that Kicks-Ass! The visual approach to electric power systems What do you want to do? Thank you for dividing these up into category.

PowerWorld The visual approach to electric power systems

Try using those power words with these blog post ideas for even better conversions. Contact PowerWorld Request a Quote. If an exact match is not found, then the nearest entry is shown. In closing, Power Word does bring to Microsoft Word a set of tools that you you can definitely benefit from. Power Word is a Microsoft Word add-in that was created in order to provide you with some features that the application is missing.

Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation. Use these power words to make your lead magnets sound more digestible, to make your products sound more useful, and to make your headlines more enticing. It makes us irrational, which can lead to choices that actually have no bearing on the thing that initially made us angry.

Can you think of a few we missed? However, it can also work for you, if the anger is directed at something else. The main program contains a text box at the top, into which may be typed or pasted an English or Chinese-character word or phrase to access the dictionary entries. Grab my free conversion toolbox and start succeeding!