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Truly, a poet who is known both by work and name to boys between fourteen and eighteen, is a national poet. This rendition is now acclaimed as a classic in Bengal.

What Edward Thompson wrote in is true even today. The songs have become popular not only for its devotional side, but also for its human appeal. His elder brother Prafulla took them both to a program, where none of them were allowed to sing because of the immaturity in their voices.

After his death his elder brother Dhananjay bore the responsibility of Pannalal's family, along with his own. They draw solace from them in the hour of despair and even at the moment of death. His distinct voice and a spirit filled with devotion have touched the hearts of countless devotees of Mother Kali across Bengal. The second category which is based on themes of daily family matters or social events, is known as Padavali, Umasangit, relative vs absolute dating ppt file Agamani or Vijaya songs.

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He was born in Bally, Barendrapara, Howrah and spent most of his life there. He became a great devotee of Kali and always remained engrossed in her thoughts. These songs too are highly popular because of their human appeal and as they are easily identifiable with any married girl living far away from their parents. They got their first break in Megaphone.

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One doesn't need to necessarily know Bengali to empathize with his unparalleled tune dripping with devotion regardless of belief. Parvati as the form of Goddess Durga the supreme universal mother-goddess comes to see her parents from her in laws every year. One will feel his climbing, devoted prayer to Mother Kali mounting in his own heart. The first category of songs is inspired by devotion and spiritual thoughts. Literally, it means dusky.

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Dhananjay Bhattacharya - Shyama Sangeet

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