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After Joseph was arrested, the Germans took his wife to work in the labor camps. Jan helps Joseph find a goods train going towards Germany, on which Joseph makes his escape. They see their house billow up into fire and smoke. They continue down river but have to get out and push when they run aground.

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All these years later I had vague memories of what the story was about, but very vivid memories of having loved it. But aside from my fond memories, it is simply a wonderful story and just as good the second time around. Joseph is arrested and sent to a prison camp in Zakyna. Joseph walks for a month until he reaches Warsaw, but finds his family gone and his home burned down. Ruth, Bronia, and Jan walk further to see if they can espy the ship, and the weak Edek stays behind.

Jan is adopted by the Balickis, although he is still wild and only Ruth can really handle him. Bombed-out piles of rubble where whole towns and cities used to stand. His action is reported to the Nazi authorities by a student.

But his position is difficult and he eventually makes good his escape to Switzerland. Edek warns tiny Bronia not to make a sound. The boy is carrying many loaves of bread, and he gives a lot of them to Joseph, telling him he took them from the Nazi barracks. Although eventually he manages to escape from the camp and make his way back to Warsaw, he is too late to be of any immediate help to his family.

It has a gripping tale and characters that shine in their own ways. He finds his wife was also taken by the Gestapo and the same night their house was blown sky high. But the story opens, not with them, but with several chapters in which their father is taken by the Nazis, locked in a camp, and escapes and makes his way back to Warsaw. He uses a trapdoor to the attic and climbs up there.

Joseph runs after him and wonders about this strange and extraordinary boy. Despite weeks of desperate searching, he is unable to find any trace of them, but refuses to believe they are dead.

Out of the darkness and the stillness a voice spoke, or rather gasped, her name. Ian Serraillier was a British novelist and poet. Trivia About Escape From Warsaw.

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It is chilly and drizzling. In the early hours of the morning, Ruth and Bronia set out in one canoe, the boys in the other, with an additional stowaway passenger in the devoted Ludwig. The writing is gripping, fast-paced and hooks the reader. It was their talisman and as long as they had it, they had good luck overcoming the obstacles they faced.

His f Ian Serraillier was a British novelist and poet. He turns out to have picked up Jan as well, after finding him asleep in the back of the truck.

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Jan tells her he lost his treasure box, but he shows her the silver sword tied tightly on a string around his neck. For all intents and purposes, it is a sword, with all that a sword symbolizes. The details provided in this book are both accurate and astonishing.

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The Silver Sword

The next day, Edek hears a jeep in trouble and goes to help the driver. They have a swish mother but live in Poland.

Great characterisation and storytelling meant that it was a book I could not put down and also one I would re-read over and over again. This is a book about the difficulties of surviving in a world that has been destroyed by war. You become so invested in the characters and long for their family to reunite. Unfortunately - I liked it. Joseph finds where he used to teach and live.

The Silver Sword - Ian Serraillier - Google Books

Joseph Balicki is living on Appenzell on the other side of the lake. Even after the liberation of Warsaw in and the subsequent end to the war the year after, the troubles do not stop. Jan eventually returned to the others, and along with Ruth he obtained a temporary job.

The Silver Sword

He is picking over the rubble of his home when he spots a letter opener his wife had given him in the shape of a silver sword. But in their hasty escape, ares full version 2010 the silver sword gets left behind at the farm.

This one will always have special memories for me because I remember my Mom reading aloud to me. Ruth visits the Russian control post and asks for food, clothes, paper, pencils, and help in finding Edek. He spends more than a year in prison before escaping, after knocking out a guard and stealing the man's uniform. With him is his pet cock, Jimpy.

Jan and the chimpanzee became best friends. This news caused Edek's condition to take a turn for the worse. They give him a warm bed and tell him he can hide in the woodshed if guards come looking for him. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. What job did edek do to earn money.

Eventually he befriends the boy, Jan, who shows Joseph how and where to safely jump a train to Switzerland. Herr Wolff had pieced their family history together and sent it in the letter to the camp. They try to go back for Edek, but it is almost impossible in the storm. Still published by Scholastic, this story got a very high rating from my daughter, and I have to agree. They wake to find him gone, so Ruth sets her attention on getting her brother, sister, and herself further into Switzerland.

He is taken to a bleak prison camp in south Poland. Joseph spends two weeks in the house before returning to Warsaw. Joseph calls after him that he will tell him more tomorrow and he should meet him here. This lends a certain immediacy to the story which is, I think, offset for modern readers by the somewhat distancing style. Ruth, Bronia, and Jan leave in the spring and head to Posen searching for Edek.

The Silver Sword

Over a matter of weeks, Joseph makes his way back to his home city of Warsaw, Poland with help from an elderly couple who shelter him. He eats well and feels at peace for the first time in a long while. Also understanding that if one goes down the other nor lives to see the world the same again. One thing that I found jarring here was that he was able to inquire through official channels, despite being an escaped prisoner.