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Sons vs daughters dating, scientific Proof that Daughters Are Better than Sons

How Latino Parents Treat their Daughters vs their Sons

She is so full of love and kindness, and she constantly expresses her goal of learning to become more kind to those around her. Addie has taught me how I went wrong when I was her age. By the time Casey was pregnant with Vivi, I had already become addicted to being the father of a daughter. Daughters Can Grow Up Into Friends Daughters are supposed to be able to grow up and become friends with their moms, but I think the friendship between sisters surpasses that of mom and daughter. The reasons why I wanted Vivi to be a girl were entirely different than the reasons I wanted Addie to be a girl.

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Either way, says Mascaro, the results also suggest that fathers can perhaps be made more aware of the fact that they are treating their daughters and sons differently. Even writing that sentence in the manner I did makes me cringe because it comes across as if my daughters should be regretful that they are daughters and they should not be.

Scientific Proof that Daughters Are Better than Sons

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Fathers also have special relationships with sons, but I really liked the dynamics of the father-daughter relationship and I wanted to have that with Vivi too. In the latest study on how parents interact with their daughters and sons, nikol povjerljivo online dating researchers led by Jennifer Mascaro and her colleagues at Emory University focused on fathers. Proof that Daughters are Better than Sons? Some hypotheses hold that fathers may choose different ways to educate their daughters and sons about emotions.

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Then Vivi came along and showed us how much joy can come from watching our two daughters play together. The increase in love and happiness has to have positive effects on the health of the heart. With this knowledge, perhaps they will pay more attention to ways in which their interactions might be more egalitarian. It also means that we each get to spend time with at least one daughter at any given time and that only increases the happiness in the home.

Now that I have two daughters I want them to have the same opportunities I have regardless of the fact that they are daughters.

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What I noticed while reading the article was that having my own daughters has really helped me in all those ways. While they may use language and direct discussions about emotions with their girls, they may chose physical roughhousing as a mode of communication with their boys.