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If you're a student, make a separate file for each of your courses. Harness the power of active recall.

But I just can't imagine anyone carrying them around for longer than several weeks. Even though today spaced repetition is common in educational apps, SuperMemo is still the unique source of original research and development in this field. The most awarded course of English. Information Seller SuperMemo World sp.

SuperMemo will help you keep what you've learned in your head for good! For a beginner it is a challenge, but the outcome should be very rewarding. Developer Website App Support.

Learn English with SuperMemo

Standing in line at the bus stop? It offers you a wide range of ready-made collections for a number of languages. After a few months there were more than items in it. To make sure I didn't forget them, I had to review the list from time to time. Want to remember everything you'll ever learn?

Learn fast and forget about forgetting

Surrender to this algorithm. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

Today my collection contains more than items, but I only need to spend about twenty minutes a day to retain them in my head. Twenty rules of formulating knowledge General principles of SuperMemo Learning decalog Formula for success in learning. Then they test themselves on them. Note that in most cases there are audio recordings of whole sentences available - it's a really good feature. You can use recordings from an online dictionary like the Merriam Webster.

Typed address does not exist. Use your Olive Green or supermemo. Click your new component with the right mouse button and choose Import file from the context menu. Whip out SuperMemo and learn something! You can also download the most recent trial version of SuperMemo.

To add a recording to your item, select the Edit Add components Sound option only available when Middle or Professional level is set in the File Level menu. The app helps me learn new languages fast. Get to know the Online SuperMemo.


Jezyk angielski skuteczna nauka. Speeq Angielski Polski lite. This e-mail address is already used. Share your thoughts in the forum!

Supermemo angielski no problem free download

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SuperMemo, a computer program for speed-learning, was exactly what I needed. The exercises that you complete are later repeated according to the SuperMemo method, aoao video to picture converter full version which guarantees fastest learning possible and remembering for good at the same time. Benefits of using SuperMemo Stop worrying about forgetting.


Although the words appear in later parts of the course. Every time you are asked a question you have to recall the answer. With SuperMemo, you waste no time on revising the material you remember well, because learning is powered by the acclaimed SuperMemo algorithm.

Supermemo angielski no problem free download

If you screw up, then you're immediately back to daily drills until the program feels you can be trusted. Learn fast and forget about forgetting. But still I had to review all of them. The principles are simple. Back in the late s, the SuperMemo World company was first to apply computers to optimize intervals between repetitions.

Learn fast and forget about forgetting

Select the file with your recording. Download SuperMemo for free! Is SuperMemo good for you? Complete registration by clicking confirmation in it. With SuperMemo, you review your learning material actively.

In a word, using this app means you will never again forget anything you will need to remember! Spreading repetitions in time helps your brain to structure the learning material better. How to add audio recordings to SuperMemo items?

Each time you answer a question you grade how well you remembered the answer. It's a good idea to add audio recording to the most difficult pronunciation items in your SuperMemo collection.


Selected from SuperMemo archives. We will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password. Log in Unable to connect with the server.

And when you learn a foreign language it's not enough to remember a word for a short time - you have to remember it for your whole life! In-App Purchases SuperMemo.

While watching, you can decide what course the action will take, as well as solve games and language puzzles to proceed. Can there be a more engaging way of learning? Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hello, we are trying to answer as soon as possible, but it's important to notice, that our support works during standard business hours. The program will make sure you know the material, and then will come back to refresh your memory at ever increasing intervals of time.

Several thousand exercises await you to help you develop your scope of vocabulary, check your listening comprehension, hone your speaking abilities, and master your grasp of English grammar. You have to do your repetitions on a regular basis - every day is really the best option. And you save lots of time! SuperMemo will copy the recording to its database, so you can safely delete the original file.

Have a good luck and fast progress! The exact price and currency will be quoted at confirmation of purchase. Please, send us your ticket number, we'll check it once more.