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Theatrical release poster. Go to the film's official website and watch it now. The locations were astounding and often times I wondered if they'd filmed at the same locations as Peter Jackson's films.

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Most fan films just easily shrug off the lower production values and turn the movie into a farce. Hell for most of the movies I've seen lately this was great. Was this review helpful to you?

Edit Storyline The great events of the war of the ring are about to unfold and the priority for Strider and Gandalf is to keep the Ring secret. Because I want people to know I'm not just some die-hard fan of the genre period. Oh, and I must admit that I am also a fan of extraordinary fan films, and anything that is extraordinary.

Aragorn suggests sending Frodo to meet him in Bree, and Gandalf readily agrees. The film received universal acclaim. After a hearing, Lucas is released without charge, and he celebrates with Marcus and Bruun. You won't be disappointed.

Films directed by Thomas Vinterberg. How awesome is the new trailer?

The Hunt for Gollum - Rotten Tomatoes

The trailer for the film was well received online. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Being fanmade, you get to see it for free. British Academy Film Awards. Despite the ruling, the community still believes Lucas is guilty, and the ostracism turns in to violence.

It certainly leaves us wanting more, that's for sure. If Gandalf had known that Frodo had the One Ring for certain, he would never have allowed the Ring to remain in the Shire for so long or for Frodo to be exposed to such danger.

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Favorite Fictional Epic Leader? But I caught this short, and I was impressed. Tolkien himself would be proud.

With some well choreographed action, a strong soundtrack and overall powerful presentation, The Hunt for Gollum is a solid film worth your time. The Hunt for Gollum will surprise you in ways fan-films rarely do. The Hunt For Gollum surpasses most of the dreck squirming its way out of Hollywood. This allows them to interact verbally, and Gollum struggles mightily and craftily to escape the sack by any means he can imagine. Also, Gollum, the Orcs, ambuli movie in telugu and the Elves are really good.

The Hunt for Gollum - Rotten Tomatoes

He seeks the creature well into the night, but finally finds him hiding up in a tree. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Watch the first few minutes or the trailer and you'll be hooked. More To Explore Search on Amazon.


We have used just about every trick in the book to portray Gollum on screen without the full power of Weta Digital behind us! And even the acting, which is often the scourge of all amateur productions, works wonderfully. From the behind the scenes movie we can see how much work and dedication came into making this so no one can argue with the fact that this is a very well made movie in the conditions given.

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Success will allow for more time to plan, failure will result in a forced hand for our heroes, requiring that the ring be moved, with Frodo and the others put in imminent peril. The actor portraying Aragorn did a smashing job. Plot details are kept under wraps. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Not of the scope of LotR of course but still, very good, worth the admission price of nothing and I will be watching it again, likely very soon.

This was made out of passion, by fans, for a reported few thousand dollars. The Nordic Council Film Prize.

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There are many parts of the book that are slow and really descriptive, but it's part of the mood to take time and establish the scenes. But the greatest part of a mythology is that others carry it on.

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