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Magazines Travel writing features. Drawn the Road Again is absolutely one of our favourites and features amazing illustrations, while Atlas Obscura is indispensable on our road trips. It seemed like a missed opportunity that nothing similar existed in the present day. We try to provide a genuine, albeit brief, immersion into a foreign place. The stories are told by the men and women who undertake them, accompanied by incredible photography or video.

List of travel magazines

How do I apply for a Vietnamese visa? Is Vice a travel publication? We love and appreciate the sense of gravitas that comes with considered, beautiful printed titles and wanted this to come to life when creating Cereal. But as we said, the local guides are really what make The American Guide so special.

This free newspaper-print-styled, adventure magazine offers a grittier look at travel expeditions. Being American, and someone who's lived abroad and travelled all over the globe, where can i watch new movies online without ing I get frustrated with traditional coverage of the rest of the world. Travel Magazine is a new kind of travel publication for those who go boldly.

Creative Chefs are opening fantastic restaurants every month, while more established restaurants have nearly perfected their craft. Sharron Livingston went to find out and was enthralled with Motor City and its Motown legacy.

List of travel magazines

We're also constantly inspired by the ever-growing market for independent magazines. The cities in Central Europe are full of culture and history and each town is unique and different from the last.

Cereal is a quarterly travel and lifestyle publication that takes great inspiration from classic books. When most people think Vegas, they think gambling.

If you love big flavors, you'll love the Miami culinary scene. Take a look at these five amazing things you need to try when you visit Vietnam. Again - we make no apologies. We publish impressionistic guidebooks.

Another Escape is also great. Travel trends don't interest us.

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Here are tips to plan your visit, from where to stay to budget tickets. Renegade What's the concept? As a travel writer, I wanted to spend more time on subjects that had nothing to do with new five-star hotels, celebrity chefs, new cruise destinations, spa treatments, and the like. Order by newest oldest recommendations. These topics seem to dominate travel writing nowadays.

Eight pages of lined travel logs sit at the back of the book so readers can detail their own adventures as well. Here's a look at some of the best places to eat on your next trip to Miami! India is an exotic and captivating destination that will both delight and surprise travelers. Several of these chefs are based in America and are making food better than anyone else in the country. Adventure in the Indian Ocean Adrian Rorvik.

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Amy Sohanpaul and I edit Renegade together. If that's not your scene, or you're looking for a change up when visiting Sin City, there's still plenty of fun things to do. Cereal allowed me to combine all three, and is my dream job come to life.

By continuing to browse the site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The concept is incredibly fresh. Adventure, exploration, and discovery are at the forefront of Sidetracked.

13 Gorgeous Indie Travel Magazines You Should Be Reading

Two years ago we decided to self-publish, on the internet, and in print. We will use the information you provided to email our newsletter as requested. The piece by Kenton Cool on the risks as well as the rewards of high-altitude adventure is an extraordinary and humbling story.

The goal is to make a state-by-state record of America, documenting people and places, both pretty and hard. The magazine's art director is Pieter Stander, who's worked with us numerous times before. Californians have pretty much nailed healthy eating and his massive state has several vegetarian restaurants offering plant based cuisine sourced from local ingredients. We've been following Boat since their first issue on Sarajevo.

With an economy deeply rooted in tourism, it is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Wild West meets colorful Hawaiian culture in Waimea, the island state's ranching center.

Vilnius, Siauliai and Hill of Crosses. Lucia, Barbados, Dominica and more.

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